Doctor Who: Knock Knock + Oxygen (S10E04+05)

Doctor Who Series 10 is shaping up to be a true mystery series — rather than the only challenge being to outsmart an obvious villain, a lot of work is being done by Bill and the Doctor to figure out what they’re even fighting and/or running away from. In these two episodes from early May, that…

Doctor Who: Smile (S10E02)

In this episode, the Doctor breaks his vow: he goes off-world, taking Bill into the future — into a brave new world in which everyone must be happy. Or else.

Doctor Who: The Pilot (S10E01)

So here we are, back for some proper Sci-Fi after a long, long time of living the slow path. I was skeptical after Series 9, but: I really liked it? I think it’s gonna be a good final series for Peter Capaldi? And Bill — oh, Bill. She’s the best.

Powerless: Cold Season + I’ma Friend You

So Powerless was on a bit of a break, so here’s my double review of two very… different episodes. Different from each other, I mean. But also, from the show at large, each in its own ways.

Powerless: Emily Dates a Henchman

Now this was actually an improvement. While there are still a few kinks to iron out when it comes to delivery, some of those jokes have actually started to land.

Powerless: Wayne Dream Team + Sinking Day

The thing is, comedy — needs chemistry. Comedy needs for characters to have their bits. I’m not seeing any chemistry. Or bits. (Not like that, you perverts.)

“I Know Who You Really Are.” — Sherlock: The Final Problem.

Previously on Sherlock: The Lying Detective. All in all, I liked it, but the script wasn’t as good as it could have been; and I think I liked it mostly simply because I like Sherlock, that’s my baseline. But the episode didn’t earn the emotional fallout the creators expected.

Twin Peaks is returning May, 21

So in case you didn’t know that I’m SUPER PUMPED for the Twin Peaks revival on Showtime — consider this a PSA. Because I am. I NEED IT.