Craig Ferguson & Stephen Fry – A Late Night Experiment

Alright, question: How could you not love, scratch that, adore to just imagine such a thing. No audience, no fancy stuff, just a Scottish-now-American-citizen (still with the loveliest Scottish accent!) and a brilliant the-quintessential-Englishman (made of tweed and with a brain the size of Kent) talking about whatever comes to mind. I, for one, could listen to them hours, even days, on end. I’d probably forget to eat and drink, let alone sleep, but, Stu, what does it matter?

(By the way, I also absolutely enjoy the usual programme Craig puts on every night, but, talking about television programme experiences, this experiment must have been the best thing that’s happened to me in years.)

Click HERE to get to the following parts of the session. UPDATE: Actually, no. Because youtube was barmy enough to suspend Malinky2Stoatir’s account. SERIOUSLY? Anyway. Waiting for news.

Click HERE to get to the following parts of the session that were re-uploaded by Mal. UPDATE 2: And HERE to get to Malinky’s rebuilding channel. YEAH!

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