Doctor Who Series Finale Speculation!


Who else here thinks that this back of the head might as well belong to dear Rory?

Or is that a severe case of wishful thinking? Or a well-placed look-alike?

But this isn’t even the most spoiler-y these pics get: Another shot suggests that the mh-mh, the a-hem and the *cough*¹ are in on this thing! Seriously: Seeing as the Daleks were the last ones to try and blow up the TARDIS (Journey’s End)… did something go wrong back then? Did that explosion actually happen and the damage to the Vortex caused its very own repercussions, creating a different timeline in which the Tenth Doctor completed his tenure and then handed the reigns to Eleven; and is the explosion now catching up with him? ’cause I’ve always wondered why the Daleks didn’t notice that the TARDIS didn’t actually blow up, and that the Doctor hadn’t given some Vortex destruction-related reason that destroying it would be horribly stupid. Or is Z-Neutrino Energy just such a blast that even a thing as powerful as the TARDIS would just go *poof*?

¹ Spoilers: the Daleks, the Judoon, and the Hoix.

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