The Doctor Who Special on The Late Late Show with TV’s Craig Ferguson

Oh, CRUMPETS. This is Christmas Smithmas. Lots of Doctor Who trivia, great chemistry between Matt, Chris, and Craig, and crazy discussions about meeting Tiffany in Vegas. Matt said this was his first US late night talk show, and I say: Good on ya! ’cause being on Craig’s first gives you such an insane experience that everything after that will be awfully tedious, but a piece of cake.

I was really glad that Matt seemed to geniunely enjoy it, ’cause Craig’s so lovely and such a Doctor Who nut, and I love them both, and now they love each other.

Thanks to Mal, we can watch yesterday’s Late Late Show ‘Doctor Who’ special on youtube. So… DO IT!

It’s amazing. Sadly, they couldn’t do the theme tune mash in the opening. FIVE MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW THEY TOLD THEM THEY DIDN’T HAVE LEGAL CLEARANCE. Seriously, someone needs to leak this. PLEEEEAAAASE!

But we now know that Chris, Craig, and Matt have a band called ‘Three Octopuses and an Otter.’ What more could we want?

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