The Tension Is Palpable.

Last night, two things were revealed by the BBC:

A prequel to the first episode of Series 6, The Impossible Astronaut, and an “iconic image,” downloadable as a 16×9 or 4×3 wallpaper.

The image:

The prequel:

No, I’m not scared out of my pants. Not at all, why would you think that? Because I’m currently hiding my face in the collar of my jumper, you say? Or because, last night, when I watched this, I was alone in my almost entirely dark room, and so I shrieked like the sissy that I am when the camera cut around to that thing that is presumably the Silence, or a representation of it?

Pah, trifles.

Anyway. Am I just confused or is that Nixon? He sounds like him, and he looks like him. If so, it’s a nice jab that Moffat paired a taped voice with that old kink he has that’s terrified us ever since The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances—creepy little children calling phones they shouldn’t be able to. Also:

There are no monsters in the Oval Office.

Political commentary, Steven? Why, yes, Doctor Who has a tradition of bringing down the government.

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