‘Doctor Who’ Series 7: PSA.

OK, so the BBC are spoiling us today, with the following news announcements:

  • Jenna-Louise Coleman is the Doctor’s new companion! She will make her Who debut in the 2012 Christmas Special.

Well—that sounds bloody amazing!

  • Series updates: we already knew that Series 7 would have 14 episodes, now we know when/in what constellation they will air. There will be six episodes this year, including the Christmas Special. The remaining 8 episodes of Series 7 will air in 2013, with Series 8 following on its heels. Now, that is a lot of Who in 2013 (that’s 50th anniversary year, too)!

Well, they wouldn’t, would they—one press conference at a time!

  • There’s more on Amy and Rory’s final journey…

Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

  • A few other old friends will turn up, too—the Daleks!