As you lot might be or not be aware, I’ll be leaving the country in a while, to complete my semester abroad in Canada, at the University of Ottawa. Since, as with all things adventurous, I can’t keep my trap shut about it, I’ve created a new wordpress blog, TheGrumblinGirl in Ottawa, to write about the things I do, the things and sights I see. The categories set so far are a bit arbitrary, but knowing me, I might just keep them.

The Ottawa blog will be active from August 22, until the end of December 2012.

It’s mostly to keep friends and family easily apprised of what’s going on with me (without them having to sift through the inevitable Doctor Who reviews of Series 7 and everything that’s probably still going to be going on over here), and also to enable me to cite it as a reference in the report I’m going to write for my home university (also without any academic people sifting through my stuff, thanks very much).

Both blogs will be active while I’m away, but for status reports from Ottawa, please turn left at the haystack.

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