Sherlock Series 3: The Words

Right. So.

There is speculation and conjecture everywhere, and the Radio Times has summarised it quite succinctly in their article this morning. ‘Rat’ could mean The Boscombe Valley Mystery, ‘wedding’ could mean meeting Mary Morstan in The Sign of Four, ‘bow’ might well mean His Last Bow, the one where Sherlock retires and flounces off to the country to go bee keeping. Or whatever else these words might mean in Moffat and Gatiss’ brilliant minds. Gatiss, the little tease, said that there is so much more material to draw from, and that the original stories themselves have basically nothing to do with chronology, so who cares, anyway.

Well, we do. But it’s not like we can do anything about it now, so I for one am just looking forward to what’s to come; using the mystery that was gleefully presented to us by Moffat, Gatiss, and Andrew Scott (nearly wetting himself with laughter, it seemed) as fun material for completely boring train rides.

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