Tennant, Piper, and John Hurt to co-star in 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who.

Tennant, Piper, and John Hurt to co-star in 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who.

Ten and Rose, out of all the characters introduced since the revival, are the two characters the least equipped and willing to deal with the Doctor changing, ever; coupled with Rose’s persistent jealousy of other companions (that didn’t even abate towards Journey’s End, which annoyed me beyond belief)… And change is what Doctor Who is all about; and pitting that against the Doctor’s future on the 50th, an episode that is supposed to be a celebration not merely of the things that were, but the things that will come, of change, which is what the show embraces so whole-heartedly by going on and on and on… I just don’t think it’s a good idea, unless the writers want to cleave the fandom in two. I love David and Billie and Ten and Rose, I truly do, and I’m sure seeing them act with Matt and Jenna-Louise will be delightful, but… even early Ten would cause a lot of friction, and Rose certainly will, if they keep their characters consistent with what we’ve seen from them in Series 2-4.

It might work if they got Ten 2.0 and Rose from the alternate universe — but the void between worlds has closed. Forever. What magic trick do they want to come up with this time? Some characters’ stories are told.

Can you tell I’m not particularly thrilled to have the anniversary turn into an explosive combination with the potential for the biggest whine and wank fest ever?

As Nick once said to Gatsby, you can’t relive the past. I love canon references as much as the next fan–but I don’t need to see them to remember them fondly. You can only celebrate so much of 50 years of back story while having this raging in the middle of it.

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