Scott & Bailey: S03E06 (Undermined).

Previously on Scott & Bailey: Episode 4 + 5.

Oh good God, this is all going so many shades of wrong.

To put it mildly, the shit just hit the fan.

The mole hunt is still going on and, so far, no-one else’s been put forward as a suspect yet. Mitch assured Janet that it wasn’t him, albeit needlessly: they may have called him ‘Mitch the Snitch,’ but, as Janet said, telling Gill about Andy was absolutely the right thing, and no-one would suspect him of selling information to the press. Mitch is one of the good guys, truly. Still, in other news, there’s only Kevin who I’ve suspected up until now; but then he was so earnest about not sending that email that it’s hard to believe he’d do something like that, in spite of his general nincompoopery. But then, that’s the trouble, innit, as Julie said. Gill wouldn’t suspect any single one of them, which is why they just might get away with it, unless the Assistant Chief Constable’s covert inquiry yields any results.

Pete is now officially in the dog house—after Rachel’s stupid sodding mother started blackmailing him, he’s now told his wife before the pressure was going to keep mounting, and now his wife’s thrown him out. As much as it is also his fault for being in this situation in the first place, Rachel’s mum is… ugh.

And of course, there’s Rachel herself. And Janet. Oh, for the love of—I don’t bloody believe it!

Janet, nipping someone’s bum at the workplace—Gill should have sent her to that diversity seminar as well. Touching someone inappropriately like that is not funny, and… why did she do that? That is so completely out of character for Janet, it’s just unbelievable. If this is how the show wants to point out that sexual offences against men are taken even less seriously a lot of the time than offences against women, and that that’s a crap situation that needs to be addressed, then, alright. Obviously, we’re not supposed to simply take everything these characters do at face value or as whole and hale, so, there we are. And the way that their colleagues are treating it when, clearly, Rob is still obviously uncomfortable and tense about it, even though he has accepted Janet’s apology… no, not good. Rob is only just finding his footing, he’s a little at odds with Janet anyway, which stems probably from their differences in age and experience, and yet him being her superior officer when she had been acting Sergeant for almost a year. Although he gave as good as he got directly after she nipped his bum and did his best to seem unfazed, that was terrible.

And then, enter Rachel.

One, sending that email was absolutely not funny, it was the exact fucking opposite of funny. I was surprised that Janet forgave her so quickly, I’d have stewed and stayed mad for days. Prank emails, really?

It’s like all that terror and fear that Rachel felt after her brother was arrested for murder has finally come to fruition. She’s finally cracked. It’s been lying dormant for a bit, but now that she’s trying to get Sean to dump her instead of just filing for a divorce and getting it over with, it’s rearing its ugly head with a vengeance. She’s right that Sean should have given her the space when she asked him to, but she’s been spending the time sitting on her arse and waiting him out instead of making the final decision—because she knows he’s not going to do it. He’s not going to file for divorce unless she gives him a very, very good reason.

Which, well, I guess she just did. Taking Kevin Lumb back to Janet’s place for a drunk shag, traumatising her best friend’s children in the process—Rachel, are you fucking kidding me? This entire thing is going to go up in flames, and for the first time I’m actually worried that the personal drama will overshadow the rest of the show.

Next: Episode 7.

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