PSA: Normal Service to Resume Soon.

Becaaaauuuse: I’m done with my BA thesis! I have successfully wrangled John and Sherlock into thirty-one pages of celebratory academia, so, suddenly, a lot of free time has opened up. Well, a bit. Some. In any case, it’s a huge weight off my back 🙂

This week, I’ll commence reviewing the new series of Luther, which premieres tomorrow, and I’m confident that I’ll pick up Elementary again soon, too. Please vote in the poll for the reviewing season 2013/14 if you haven’t yet!



  1. Welcome back and conrats on the thesis. I have to give “Luther” a look. On the other hand I have been enjoying “Elementary” and am anxious to read your reviews.



    1. Thanks 🙂
      Do check out Luther, it’s a brilliant show (and quick to catch up on, there’s only a handful of episodes)! Elementary blogging might resume today, actually… I’m not even that far behind! 😀



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