Revealing the 12th Doctor: Liveblog.


At 7pm British Standard Time (8pm my time), BBC One will start a half-hour live broadcast, during which the identity of the lucky person who gets to play the Twelfth Doctor will be revealed.  Provided everything works out, I’ll be watching live and blogging the progress of the show via this post. (It won’t automatically update, so keep your fingertips near cmd+R!) I’m sure they’ll introduce them properly, but for those who can’t watch live, I’ll also try and dig up a short profile. [knuckles cracking] There’ll be a bigger piece later, hopefully with a few sound bites and quotes and features.

8:54pm: Also, it’s going to be really interesting to see his dynamic with Clara change!

8:33pm: I’m really, really looking forward to his performance and his stories!

8:32pm: I’m excited, too, Matt! Yes, it’s canny, isn’t it?

8:30pm: It’s interesting that they’re going with someone comparatively older again, and consequently someone with such a huge portfolio of work. I like it! Inkie: “Can he keep the accent as the Doctor?” Me: “I hope so!”

8:28pm: You know Peter, of course, from Doctor Who‘s very own The Fires of Pompeji, and from his marvellous roles on The Thick of It, The Hour… and he missed the call!

8:27pm: That’s an interesting choice!

8:25pm: AND IT’S…………………………………………………………… PETER CAPALDI.


8:20pm: Bernard Cribbins! (The Doctor that never was.)

8:18pm: There we go, perving on the Doctors!

8:17pm: Colin Baker! Who tweeted this morning that there’s never been such a hoopla about the reveal of the new Doctor — true, and a sort of startling mark of how the popularity of the show has soared over the past two years. Why is that, d’you think?

8:16pm: “The meddler who says he never meddles.” That’s it, that’s the show.

8:15pm: Define ‘soon.’

8:13pm: So, the new guy once approached Matt in the street congratulating him on The Eleventh Hour? Fantastic!

8:11pm: N’awww, Matt! You can just see how hard leaving is… and how hard it is talking about “the backlash.” And see how much everyone loved him in the end! Let’s hope the next guy doesn’t have to go through all of that the same way Matt did.

8:07pm: Hi, Fivey! And there we go, the Doctor’s daughter’s dad… no, it’s too confusing.

8:05pm: That Matt was leaving was actually a news item? Interesting.

8:02pm: HERE WE GO!

7:58pm: Broadcast’s about to begin! There’s diving and wildlife on at the moment…

7:38pm: Inkie and I are skyping, I can see the screen!

12:56pm: the suspense is killing me!


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