Suits: She’s Mine.

Previously on Suits: The Other Time.

So, looks like everyone’s stopped fighting. Sort of. Right up until Harvey beat the shit out of Stephen in the men’s room.

You see, I’d so hoped it wouldn’t all end in heartbreak for Donna. But it turns out, he may have found her attractive, but that wasn’t the reason for him pursuing her like he did. He didn’t love Donna for Harvey, he loved her for her access to Harvey, which really, really just adds insult to injury. Like, bloody hell. Stephen ordered those killings, just like that. He called up his old rugby buddy and told him, ‘Hey, those folks are in the way. Remove them.’ The way he’s treated Donna, the way he’s been oh so suave about the whole thing… doesn’t suggest there’s a lot of remorse to be had. Oh boy, this is going to hurt.

In other news, Harvey did come clean to Jessica. But she’s still worried that he’s playing her, and with good reason. Her rethinking the merger may, in truth, be merely a bonus for Harvey, but that phone call to Darby left Jessica with the uneasy suspicion of being not only deceived, but then having the deception used against her and being played, and it’s a close call determining which of the two irks her more. It’s rather anti-climactic, isn’t it — if we didn’t have all that drama surrounding Stephen, well, pfft. Not much to go on, because Harvey’s stubbornness was really a bubble waiting to burst, and as bubbles go, this was really a garden variety one: filled with hot air. Jessica moved past it when Harvey couldn’t, which really throws Mike’s assumptions back into his face. There were parallels between the mess they were in and the situation with Ava and Nick, but that wasn’t why Jessica was pursuing the strategy — she wasn’t the one getting carried away by emotional reactions. That was all Harvey.

Even now, he’s getting away with it, and with the potential cherry on top, what with Jessica rethinking the merger. It’s not fair, is it? In a game like this, with stakes that high, some of the mistakes people make seem to be impossible to come back from… and yet they do. Jessica and Harvey’s relationship is as much a friendship as it is power play between two highly skilled, highly motivated players.

The question is, will Jessica reconsider the merger? Will she find a way of getting rid of Darby and saving the firm? And what do the other senior partners have to say in this, anyway? We’ve heard nothing from them, when in Season 2, everything circled around securing their votes. Could Jessica just make Harvey managing partner without anyone kicking up a fuss? How? If this is a major plothole, I do hope they’ll be plugging it soon.

In other — and much more entertaining news — there’s Louis, Nigel, Rachel, and Mikado. No matter how borderline ridiculous that sub-plot was*, the fact is that Rachel used the opportunity to kick ass, and that she got into Columbia Law, and that Louis is genuinely happy for her. Also, Louis has got the associates back under his care. There, focus on the pluses.

Next episode: Endgame. These episode titles worry me.

* No, really, though: mock trial about custody for a cat?! Regardless of the fact that Rachel hit the ball out of the park on this, embedding it in that sort of story line…

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