Luther Confirmed for Big Screen Prequel

Luther Confirmed for Big Screen Prequel

Looks as though Neil Cross has confirmed that a script has been completed and schedules are tentatively projected for shooting a movie adaptation of his novel, The Calling, which delves into Luther’s past and the case that nearly broke him, next year. Cross also hints that he’s busy writing a second John Luther novel — perhaps a look at Luther’s future after the heart-stopping finale of Series 3? Both Cross and Idris Elba have been open about wanting to set up this project for over a year, and that it’s now happening is a brilliant development. Thinking of Luther — with a not-dead-yet DS Justin Ripley, Ian Reed, and Zoe Luther, along with Rose Teller as his boss, to complete the cast — in the cinema is making me giddy alright. Bring it on!

Edit: DigitalSpy also reported last month that Neil Cross is definitely having ideas about a serial killer spin-off for Alice Morgan (played by Ruth Wilson).

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