Original British Drama 2013: BBC autumn trailer

This trailer includes new and returning dramas for the autumn season of this year.

“The thrill of the chase, blood pumping through your veins — the two of us against the rest of the world!”

— The line from Sherlock that will kill us all, probably.


  1. Thanks for the preview Andrea as we in the U.S. don’t usually get these right away, if at all. You know you suggested in “Sherlock Kills the Numbers” that your post on “Sherlock” are what grab your readers attention. I believe it is because your intuitive nature about the characters, their feelings, what they may be saying without actually saying it, and their love for one another are just so damn correct. That and the superb writing you produce keep people coming back to read your post, and if I’m wrong, and I don’t believe I am, than perhaps some of your many other readers may wish to offer a better explanation. Oh and for the record, I thought your review on “A Scandal in Belgravia” was superb, and that’s not to say your post on “The Reichenbach Fall” was inferior, in fact far from it. I suppose it is a matter of personal taste, but I love your writing and your insights, and each showcase tremendous sensitivity to the subject matter, particularly John and Sherlock. In addition I am now getting ready to devour your post on “Dr Who” episodes, likely they will prove to be equally intoxicating and addictive reading as well. Love looking in here to see what you are writing about next, because no matter the topic the read is genuinely entertaining.



    1. I suggest if you want to learn about things fast, you should sign up for an account on the website tumblr. Than just go on the Sherlock tag or follow a bunch of Sherlock fans so you will get all the newest updates.



    2. Oh my gosh! I hardly know what to say in the face of such praise — except, of course, thank you so much! I’m chuffed and flattered, and I really, really appreciate it. Running this blog is one of the major joys of my life, and I’m delighted that it’s bringing others joy, too. Thank you x



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