Idris Elba Presents Songs and Score from Luther Series 1, 2 and 3

The BBC, in cooperation with Silva Screen, have released an album filled with the songs that were used as end credits music over the course of three series of Luther. Along with the tracks by popular artists, there are also tracks composed by Paul Englishby that made up the amazing orchestral incidental score of the episodes.
In the video, Idris Elba answers questions on how the songs are chosen and what motived the creators of the series in making it, and a possible cinematic future.
The album was released in the UK today, September 16, it will become available in Germany on September 27; the US release date is the 5th of November (not available for pre-order yet as far as I can tell).

Buy it here: amazon UK | amazon Germany


  1. Well Luther was on my To-Do-List for a long time and since you have it in your blog i finally watched the whole thing. Not bad but i cant see the show working without DS Ripley. i guess there will be another season or not? i also heard about a movie ah ok… “Luther Confirmed for Big Screen Prequel” it was you :). i watched Inside Men well a long time ago and saw a lot familiar faces on Luther. Warren Brown was alway one of my favorites. couldnt understand why they killed him off the show and thought maybe he has a new one and voilà “By Any Means — Original Drama Trailer” you again…! funny how that worked out :). (sry for kinda off-topic)



    1. Yay, you watched it! Yeah, the show wouldn’t work without Ripley, I agree — so it’s good that they’re not even going to try 😀 there definitely won’t be a continuation, but I’m hoping that the prequel movie will eventually be produced, with Ripley still where he belongs and bloody well alive 😀
      Inside Men is still on my list!
      I guess killing off Ripley was mostly for plot/angst/giving Luther that final push reasons. But it’s great that after Inside Men and Good Cop, he’s got another show he’s heading up, he’s such a great actor. I’m really excited for By Any Means, I’ll watch it tomorrow and then blog about it — so this isn’t off-topic at all, actually 😉



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