By Any Means — Original Drama Trailer

Warren Brown, Shelley Conn, and Andrew Lee-Potts star in this new BBC One crime drama — and again, after his impressive role in Good Cop, Warren’s character Jack Quinn might just be toeing the line here and there…

The first series premieres September 22, 9pm BST on BBC One. Tune in! (And whose stupid idea was it to pit this against Downton Abbey’s return on ITV?!)


  1. ok i’m adding this to the list but the trailer wasn’t much Drama i think. a little too light maybe, well see!
    where do i know that other guy (in the team of 3) from? Primeval! well that was nothing for me. And while we’re on it who is the guy getting pushed against the van? ahh right GoT the one in black who could sing so good…



    1. Well, with all the “grey area,” there might be more drama coming, considering that what they do isn’t strictly… clean. BBC One have described it as something that fans of Hustle and Spooks would enjoy, so I’m guessing there’s a mixture going on, perhaps leaning more towards Spooks over the course the series.

      I’ve never seen either Primeval or Game of Thrones, so I’m out on that count πŸ˜€



  2. never seen GoT? where do you live? behind the moon with a cable to BBC? ^^
    well it’s ok if you have read the books, if not you are lucky what would i give to see it for the first time once again^^

    PS: stop replying i need to sleep!



    1. Well, I’ve seen bits of the first season. Behind the moon with a cable to the BBC is pretty accurate, I live in Germany πŸ˜€ Pro7 did air the entire first season in one weekend once, which is usually right up my street — and I did watch the first evening — but then I wasn’t home the second night and they sort of… lost me after that. I was going to catch up, but now I’m three seasons behind πŸ˜€ I’ve got the first novel in my Kindle app, though, and I’m making progress.

      P.S.: I had much the same thought πŸ˜›



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