You Have Decided!

After a whopping 170 votes came in on the review poll over the summer, these are your favourites for the TV season 2013/14:

Among the shows mentioned in ‘Other,’ there were Sherlock (though that’s a set category on this blog, so don’t worry), Supernatural, Person of Interest, Sleepy Hollow, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (clearly, one of you lot has a sense of humour). Sleepy Hollow is indeed on the list of shows I may spontaneously start reviewing, but I’m waiting for this week’s episode to make a decision.


  1. Hannibal was so good cant wait for the Season 1 highlights warm-up!

    saw the first episode of SH too but hmm not sure jet, but the end was verry nice 🙂



    1. I’ve got the DVDs now, so the retrospective should be coming soon!
      I really like Sleepy Hollow so far, and I just read that the pilot fetched 10 million viewers last week, that’s amazing! I’m really hoping I’ll like this week’s episode just as much, I’d love to add it to the reviewing schedule as well.



      1. I do indeed! I will, wouldn’t do to spend my time on something that’s not up to snuff 😉

        I have a little trouble grasping how my blog went from two shows (Doctor Who and then Sherlock) to 13, anyway… 😀 Thank goodness it’s mostly British shows, their seasons aren’t so bloody long and nicely distributed throughout the year.


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