Elementary: Solve for X.

Previously on Elementary: Step Nine.

After last week’s Holmes family reunion, this episode focuses entirely on the growing bond between Joan and Sherlock.


We know of Joan’s habitual visits to Gerald Castoro’s grave, but what we didn’t know is that his son and Joan have… history. Of course Joan would go the day after his birthday, not wanting to run into the family the day of, I suppose. But this time, mysteriously, his son Joey turns up right behind her; and it turns out it’s not the first time. Right after his father died and his mother sued Joan for her mistake in surgery, he wrote her a letter, forgiving her, claiming he didn’t blame her. We can’t be sure if that was actually true — after all, his outburst when Joan offers him the deal suggests that, at least subconsciously, he does. So, perhaps, it was all a lie, perhaps even as a teenager he saw an opportunity.

Sherlock is determined to mistrust him, and I think he’s right to. In the end, Joan makes her own decision and solves the problem on her own — with Sherlock’s “gift,” without Sherlock’s presence at the meeting. She’s come up with her own solution — binding Joey to a course of action that she can live with and protect herself from being taken advantage of.

This episode highlights the growing trust between Sherlock and Joan. He must be the first person she’s spoken openly to about this in a while, if she ever has, even to her family. It’s always been clear that they both need each other in order to get better, and although Sherlock has been the focus of Joan’s efforts in that regard, he’s always made it clear that he’s there to listen if she needs him. He doesn’t care about the money, but he cares about her, and he cares about her freedom. She helped him free himself of his past and of the mistakes he’s made — and his mistakes were his own doing. Hers, as he insists, was an accident. He doesn’t want to see her strapped as he was for so long. More than anything, he wants her to be happy, and he wants her cared for — he knows she’s fine on her own, it’s not like he needs to protect her. But he wants her to have the choice of turning someone should she feel the need. It’s amazing how much he cares for her, and it’s amazing that she cares enough right back to let him accompany her to the grave next time she goes. He wants to dispel her guilt, but he isn’t dismissive of her affection and respect for Mr Castoro.

103622_0787bOh, and this episode has taught me interesting stuff about maths! What else I loved: Bell taking the lead in the investigation. We can see him working his way to the top within the precinct, with Gregson giving him more and more responsibility, and it’s great to see supporting characters get a piece of the Character and Life Development Pie as well.

Next: We Are Everyone.

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