The Day of the Doctor — First Official Trailer!

The BBC have popped out an early release of one of the two trailers announced for this weekend, and, oh, it’s marvellous!

The Moment is coming.

Rose is showing definite signs of the Wolf about her, it looks as though Clara has nicked Captain Jack’s Vortex Manipulator, and I’ve capitalised the Moment because, if you recall The End of Time, the Time Lords were going on about the Doctor running around on Gallifrey in possession of something they called ‘the Moment,’ set to bring an end to the Last Great Time War. That’s how they solved the Paul McGann/Christopher Eccleston dilemma, then — neither of them gets to end it, there was regeneration in between. The one of the Doctor’s lives that he’s trying so hard to forget.

Click those keys: what d'you think?

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