Sleepy Hollow: Necromancer.

Previously on Sleepy Hollow: The Midnight Ride.

In a dramatic twist, it is revealed who the Headless Horseman really is — an ex.

Katrina Crane (Katia Winter)You know what I really want now? For Katrina to kick Abraham’s ass, hard. I want her (and Abbie and Jenny) to have the biggest hand in defeating him, specifically, because you know what this becomes otherwise? A conversation between men. If Ichabod defeats him to free his wife, while Katrina helps from purgatory, it becomes what the show successfully avoided in the first place by making ending the engagement entirely Katrina’s decision and no-one else’s. She broke free of Abraham under her own steam once, I want her to do it again; because then this story arc sends a really powerful message. Ok, yeah, great, she’s Ichabod and Abraham’s greatest weakness. We also haven’t seen her in, what, three weeks? We haven’t seen even a fraction of the power that I’m sure she holds as a witch. I demand more Katrina!

In other news, this episode finally introduces us to the whole team: Abbie, Ichabod, Captain Irving, and Jenny, fresh out of the mental ward she should never have been in in the first place. I can totally see Captain Irving and Jenny rock the world together, their characters (and actors) have great chemistry. They’re the least sure of each other, so they have the furthest way to go. Watching them travel down that path will no doubt be entertaining.

Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) and Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood)

Poor John Cho, his character Andy Brooks just can’t catch a break — just a broken neck. Being forced to do the Horseman’s bidding, he helps release the rider from hell from the Mason’s cell. There won’t be anything pleasant in store for the headless prick, however. Moloch won’t be best pleased that his pony boy went beyond his brief in trying to kill Ichabod. For whatever reason, Crane isn’t the Horseman’s to kill — makes you shudder, and wonder what else there is in store for the revolutionary soldier, who else wants to get their hands on him. Moloch himself? Or, if not him, who then?

On balance, this ep was a beautiful race against time — predictable, perhaps, in the sense that it was pretty clear that the Horseman would not be held captive for long, but I still loved it. I love watching these characters grow, because they do so every single week. They never stand still, neither does the plot, and it’s a joy.

Next: Sanctuary.

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