BBC releases Sherlock Series 3 launch trailer

What life? I’ve been away.


The one person he thought didn’t matter to at all to me, was the one person who mattered the most.

There’s also an interactive trailer here:, featuring exclusive content.


  1. “The one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me, was the one person who mattered the most.”

    I just wanna know who the heck he’s talking about and what he means by it.



    1. That can either concern Moriarty completely forgetting about Molly, which is perhaps less likely, but echoes the ‘I don’t count’ – ‘You’ve always counted’ moment from Series 2. Or, which is perhaps more likely (especially the way it’s timed with John coming through the door of Baker St for the first time since Sherlock faked his death), is that Sherlock is talking about John himself, who never thought he counted for much in Sherlock’s life. We haven’t had the ‘it would have been worth a thousand wounds’ bit yet, so it’s possible that John didn’t realise how much he means to Sherlock — and that that’s the reason he can’t figure out why Sherlock did what he did. He did it for John, and the man himself can’t imagine such a thing.



      1. Yeah…I think that it’s unlikely and a bit too obvious that it refer to Molly. Their relationship isn’t anywhere near her mattering most to him.

        I never really thought about John’s attitude that way, but I think you’re right. Although the fact that he would think he didn’t count is ironic, since the viewer knows how much he counts. Perhaps he feels that way because Sherlock almost takes John for granted and doesn’t express himself clearly at all.


      2. I think it chimes with John calling Sherlock a machine when he refuses to see Mrs Hudson in The Reichenbach Fall. John later tells his gravestone that he was the most human human being he’s ever known, but I don’t think John understands that that extends to himself as well. Sherlock never really said a word of appreciation, and John is used to Sherlock thinking of him as a bit of an idiot. Not that John has no self-esteem, he gets angry with Sherlock’s attitude a lot of the time. But at the end, it seems as though he accepts that he’s nothing special — not a genius, not Sherlock’s “best man.” He’s just one of the only ones who will put up with Sherlock, and he thinks that that’s why Sherlock lets him stick around; and he’s not unhappy in that thought. He’s happy when he’s with Sherlock, it’s not like he’s not getting anything out of their companionship, and he regards him as his best friend, simply because Sherlock saved his life. He doesn’t begrudge Sherlock being the way he thinks he is — but while he kept looking at Sherlock that way, Sherlock changed. And John sort of missed it. John can see that Mrs Hudson matters, that Lestrade matters, that Molly matters. But he just doesn’t think that he himself does, ’cause he’s nothing special. (Basically, he’s Donna Noble.)


  2. I thought that in the context (people who Moriarty thinks matter to Sherlock) it couldn’t be any one other than Molly that he’s talking about in the trailer. John doesn’t make sense because Moriarty knows how much he means to Sherlock. Molly is the only person aside from Sherlock’s brother who doesn’t have an assassin after her. Moriarty thought she didn’t matter, but she was the only one who could help Sherlock fake his own death and keep John (and Mrs Hudson &Lestrade) safe, therefore, she did matter the most.



    1. Moriarty knew how much John means to Sherlock, but JOHN doesn’t know how much he means to Sherlock, that was my point. That’s why John wants to know why Sherlock did it, when that answer couldn’t be more obvious to Sherlock — he did it for John.
      Molly is also possible, as I said above, and as I wrote in my Reichenbach review so long ago — Moriarty underestimated her. So now it’s just a question of which “he” Sherlock is talking about, really.



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