Sleepy Hollow review: The Golem.

Previously on Sleepy Hollow: Sanctuary.

And now we know what happened to Ichabod and Katrina’s son.

As much as Sleepy Hollow sometimes seems like a little Gothic horror story fairy tale with chopped off heads — it can actually be pretty damn sad. Watching Ichabod search for traces of his son in Sleepy Hollow’s history hurts even more because it’s juxtaposed with Captain Irving reconnecting with his daughter, Macey. At heart, this was a story about dads — absent fathers, fathers who try, fathers who die for 250 years and then come back to the fact that everyone they ever loved is dead.

In some cases, especially the ones they never got to meet, but that they still with their whole heart. Neatly tying the (originally Jewish) myth of the Golem into this tale, Jeremy has been given a protector, a manifestation of his rage and grief in the absence of a loving home.

And now, Ichabod has to lay his son to rest. It’s over, he’s not coming back with Katrina; and the Golem can rest now, because Ichabod will watch over his son’s memory.

On balance, it was a good episode — the hunting for the clues and the Golem was suspenseful and well written, though I fear that, for me, this episode evaporated a bit because Jeremy himself didn’t get a lot to say. He was just there, Ichabod’s son, but seeing as we didn’t get one actual line from him, he was just a mere plot device for Ichabod’s character development, for him to have one more reason to fight and to further his grief. I’d have liked to meet Jeremy properly, for them to explore his life, his mind, who he became. I think Ichabod would have been interested in that, too. Like this, the episode was just interested in Ichabod, and I think that’s a pity and a bit of a wasted opportunity to further explore the minds of the Crane family — especially since Katrina passed on her powers.

Next: The Vessel, The Indispensable Man, and Bad Blood.

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