Sherlock Mini-Episode: Many Happy Returns

Leading up to a video message for John, Lestrade and Anderson discuss Sherlock — and all the clues, clever editing, and funny sort of coincidences point towards the game being very much BACK ON.

Two things that may make you cry and whimper a little at your leisure:

  • Anderson was so stricken with grief and guilt over Sherlock’s alleged suicide that he started obsessing about proving that he wasn’t dead and lost his job with the Yard.
  • What John wants from Sherlock as a birthday gift is his best friend not being dead.

Many happy returns, John. Be careful what you wish for.


  1. The idea that Anderson would feel guilty and obsess over Sherlock like that is strange to me. Though I suppose it was Donovan who always disliked Sherlock the most. Series 3 is going to be *very* interesting!



    1. I guess it is a little strange, but it emphasises that – I think both Sally and Anderson – may not have liked Sherlock and had (motivated by Moriarty, but legitimate) professional doubts, but that they never would have wished him actual harm. Sally sadly won’t return to the series because V. Robinson is engaged elsewhere, but I think Sherlock’s suicide hit them both hard. They were the driving force behind the arrest, and though what ultimately happened wasn’t their fault by at all, I do think they must have felt terrible. It may seem weird or unexpected for Anderson, but perhaps this is going to be cited as the reason for Donovan’s absence as well. I definitely like that they’re giving Anderson this facet, because it fleshes out the character and doesn’t gloss over the consequences beyond John, Lestrade, and Mrs Hudson. Sherlock hurt many more people than just his three closest friends. I imagine that Anderson and Sally had to take a lot of fandom flak after Reichenbach, but I’ve seen loads of comments along the lines of, ‘By God, I actually like Anderson now,’ so that’s progress. Their characterisation ad simply snide and hating Sherlock always fell a bit flat, so now we’ve got more to work with. Anderson is an unlikely candidate, I agree. But a burden like that does seem to do strange things to people.



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