2013: the Year of New Shows and Old Favourites

2013 has proven to be a very busy year — not only did I graduate from university and get a job, but I’ve also had the pleasure of blogging about so many great shows this year. Some were shows I’d been following before and only now had the time to tackle, but others were among the newcomers of 2013.

January & February:

The year started relatively laid-back, what with me having returned from Canada and catching up on Elementary. But it was also the time to say goodbye (either temporarily or for good, ITV doesn’t seem to be entire sure) to two old friends: Lewis and Hathaway enjoyed their seventh and presumably last series together.

March & April:

March was when things got interesting — the build-up to Doctor Who‘s Series 7 Part B began and, finally, we got to see Clara Oswin Oswald in action all through April. The catch-up of all things Elementary continued, and there was also some more fandom-related barking up the trees. But not only that, but Scott & Bailey returned to ITV for their anticipated third series.


With Elementary, Doctor Who, and Scott & Bailey, I was already pretty busy — but preparations for the fall season begun on the side. I took stock of the shows that I thought might interest me (and my readers) and took a poll. Hannibal meta also made its first appearance on the blog, although it would take until later for the reviewing to begin properly…


#6 was rather quiet — I was knee-deep in my BA thesis (on John and Sherlock’s relationship as portrayed in the BBC series), and thus the blog had to make do with Matt Smith’s leaving announcement, a trailer for the third series of Luther, and some number-crunching.


In July, things picked up again: I finished my thesis and had a bit of breathing room — I continued catching up on Elementary’s first season and enjoyed (well) the soul-crunching, heart wrenching misery that was the third and final series of Luther.


Oh, my birthday month was a good one: Doctor Who saw the nomination of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. Meanwhile, Whitechapel returned to ITV for its fourth series (only to be rudely cancelled before the year was out), and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and started ranting about Suits, on top of everything else.


Just having gotten done with Elementary Season 1, I basically stepped right into Season 2, which premiered at the end of the month. While starting to apply for jobs, I also finished up Whitechapel and Suits; but that wasn’t all. Two new drama shows  appeared on the horizon: FOX’s Sleepy Hollow and the BBC’s By Any Means, with varying success.


More fandom shenanigans, but also: By Any Means wrapping up its first run, the excitement for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who slowly bubbling over, and the premieres of both Dracula on NBC, and the successful mini-series The Escape Artist with David Tennant.


In the midst of the usual mix of Sleepy Hollow, Elementary, and Dracula, Almost Human busted onto the stage from the shadows. I daresay it hasn’t reached its full potential yet, but it’s getting there. The highlight was, of course, The Day of the Doctor, the 50th Anniversary Special. So many wonderful memories will be tied to November 23, 2013.


As the year draws to a close, the blogging continues mostly as normal — with the exception, perhaps, of Christmas Specials left and right (Doctor Who and the BBC period adaptation Death Comes to Pemberley), along with the growing suspense preceding the return of Sherlock. The proper review countdown for Hannibal, leading up to its return for a second season in February, has begun, and there is much to be said for Spring 2014: I’m looking forward to shows like Penny Dreadful, Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond, and The Musketeers.


  1. Fleming looks intriguingm, and I’ll be giving the Musketeers at least a first look. But first … that fella in the funny deerstalker hat … what was his name again?!? 😉



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