Taxi Brooklyn review: Cherchez Les Femmes.

Previously on Taxi Brooklyn: Pilot & Brooklyn Heights.

This is a show with a lot of potential that, sadly, suffers from its writing team having a lot of little “cutesie” ideas that they think are funny and just absolutely have to work into the plot. Except, in the end, they’re not cute, the plot work is patchy and the narrative is badly paced. Terrible editing only compounds the issue.

Leo dressed up in voodoo garb in order to scare a suspect. No, really.
A legitimate interrogation technique in Marseille? Really, Taxi Brooklyn?

When Leo said something about an interrogation technique straight from Marseille, I thought, Ok, whatever. And then I saw this, and I thought, you have got to be kidding me. Voodoo? Leo dresses up like a voodoo master — or at least what the writers and costume designers think one looks like — and have him flail around a bit and the suspect folds and just gives up all the secrets?

Did I really just watch that?

I don’t even have any words for how ridiculous this is. It’s like Taxi Brooklyn wants so badly to be the whacky show full of crazy ideas, but all the jokes just fall flat because it’s so overdone and at the same time, so little time is spent on it. Like, this intermezzo lasted, what, about a minute, including the lawyer bursting in?

Guys, Life starring Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi did whacky a lot better than you are doing right now. Hell, Castle does it better.

Plus, the pacing, editing, and story-telling feel, to me, patchy and mismatched. The editing is actually seriously horrible, it tries really hard to be cool and swishy and edgy, but it just looks clunky, like everything is either cut too fast or some bits too slow. If Taxi Brooklyn were trying to subvert tropes, I’d go with it, but instead it’s just going with every trope in the book. A cop yelling, “If you had anything to do with my father’s murder, I will kill you myself!” Ooh, never heard that before. (Also, just setting yourself up for trouble if he ever gets dead, Cat.)

Cat and Dr. Monica discussing the details of Joseph's autopsy

The story with Leo’s immigrant status: last week, he got arrested. This week, Cat’s got him out, she’s his sponsor, they have to show up to meetings with his case officer once a week (kinda like Friday night dinners with the Gilmore Girls… and something tells me these meetings will be their version of marriage counselling), and he’s out on probation — a lot of that stuff could have had some real punch, especially after the way Cat reacted when they arrested him. But nah, they just gloss and skip right over that, in a careless way that’s giving me Teen Wolf flashbacks.

Oh, and at the end, Gregg has only just opened an investigation into Cat’s dad’s murder, but he’s had someone on the inside of the Capella mob for so long that they’re close enough to the inner circle that they can tell him that Annabella, formerly Cat’s best friend, has taken over the family business? Wow, talk about deus ex machina there.

I really wanted to like this show, but I continue to be severely underwhelmed by it.


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