Sherlock — First Outtake Released

As you’ve probably heard, the BBC are planning to release yet another Sherlock Series 3 box set (DVD and blu ray) containing new audio commentaries, three 45′ features containing behind-the-scenes footage as aired on PBS, deleted scenes, and outtakes. The one thing the fandom has been clamouring and (more or less) patiently waiting for since Series 1, and now we’re getting them on a new box set.

I know as well as anyone that making a profit is Rule One of Marketing and Producing a Hugely Successful TV Show, but I have to say that I find it terribly disingenuous and, frankly, discourteous of the Sherlock team to hold out on those extras just to release another Series 3 box set a little over half a year after they’ve released a Series 1-3 special design box set that pretty much half the world and most of the fandom went out and bought at the time of release (meaning: for full price). The new box set is still priced at £13.99, and I for one know that I won’t pick it up until it ends up at £5 at most. What do I want with two copies of Series 3? I do admit that I’m one of the nuts who bought the Collector’s Edition Anniversary box set of Doctor Who that’s been recently released, but only because I held out and didn’t buy any of the DVDs for the Anniversary and Christmas Special individually.

So. There’s the outtake. Have fun. Martin and Benedict are unmissably funny together.


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