Gotham: ‘Arkham,’ ‘Viper’ & ‘Spirit of the Goat’


“I know City Hall is corrupt, but why didn’t Wayne Enterprises do something?”

Who’s leading Wayne Enterprises?

Maroni and GordonIsn’t that a question that should have been asked and answered five episodes ago? Who’s leading Wayne Enterprises now? Who’s making the executive decisions? And why hasn’t Bruce muscled his way into the board room yet? Has he even talked to them? To the person who’s running things now?

“Jim, you can’t just pop up and jump every time you hear a bell!”

That line was funny, but that bit with Mini-Catwoman was ridiculous. Rule one of pickpocketing: never use your whole hand, and never use your thumb. The index and middle fingers are the most nimble of your entire hand, never let the thumb touch the mark. Where did they learn this stuff? Of course it speaks to Selena still being a damn kid that she doesn’t know how to do it right, but she’s acting way too cocky for her own good. What, did she think Gordon wouldn’t raise the alarm? And why did she even turn up? To taunt him, to annoy him, because she’s got something to snitch on? Her appearance did nothing except remind us of the fact that she’s still alive. Which just goes to show how forgettable the writers think their own characters are.

Wait, is that actual acting I see in that scene with Captain Essen? And why is it that every time Bullock and Gordon go on a canvassing trip, they get a bloody music montage? This isn’t MTV, guys.

And more actual acting between Bruce and Alfred! Who, however, still mostly conveniently pops up to dole out kind advice in a rather unmodulated gravelly drawl.

Meanwhlie, Gordon is drawn further into the tangled web that is Gotham’s mob family. Now that Oswald has found proper employment and told Maroni all about his past and the fact that he should, by rights, be dead, Gordon has no choice but to keep protecting him unless he wants Falcone to know about his little deviation from the plan.

Where’s Barbara? & the Partnership of Jim and Harvey

And, uh — where’s Barbara? Is Gordon even sleeping at home at the moment? On the sofa, in the doghouse?

Bullock asking, suddenly, whether Gordon is in some kind of trouble and then, even after protesting that he doesn’t wanna know, asking again if it’s Barbara and if Jim needs any help is almost cute. Daww, he cares. That’s actually the first time any character development on this show has been on the same street as subtle. Of course, Gotham has received a full season order, so they have a bit longer, but I’m wondering whether they still scheduled the crowning moments of heartwarming in which Gordon and Bullock actually commit to each other as partners for the projected season finale, i.e. around episode 16.

What’s that assumption, though, asking whether Barbara “got into something”? Like, what, his first thought is that Barbara is in trouble or did something stupid or illegal? Man, I know crime is everywhere in this town, but wouldn’t any partner’s first thought be that they’re having relationship problems?

Opening the can of worms that is Wayne Enterprises’ ties to crime

Alfred and Bruce at the charity galaAnd then, the old man snorts some Viper and takes apart his walking aid to run amok. Yeah, right. Seriously, if I’m not commenting much on the plots of this thing, it’s because either I’m bored or they’re ridiculous. This case, however, is the first one that actually makes me care, because it’s directly tied to Wayne Enterprises and the goings-on behind those doors. Also, it gives Bruce something to do other than sitting around, moping. Also, for real — Bruce is still the heir of the company. So why are the doors to the boardroom closed to him? Sure, he’s only 12 years old, but it’s hinky that the board would just… go ahead like this. And of course, you can’t trust Melvis. Oh crap, finally. Alfred is joining Bruce in his investigations into the Wayne files. That’ll give them some new dialogue after all that talk about missing breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Writers? When someone leaps off a building, Bullock shouts, “Don’t do it!!1” when he’s already halfway off the banister? Come on.

Did anyone else have a heart attack when that guy in bed with Mooney was the Russian mobster, but with his face half-hidden by his arm looked a lot like Gordon for a minute? Jeez, don’t throw my inner plot compass that much off-kilter.

Next on Gotham: Spirit of the Goat.

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