TV Season 2016/17 — Tributes, Assemble!

The new TV season has begun, with shows that were on the bubble being cancelled more often than not, these days. Here’s my thoughts on a few of those that went, those that stayed, and the new ones we’ll be meeting this pilot season.

(Some of the) shows cancelled in 2016

Castle — gone, and since I wasn’t impressed with the way that everything played out with Stana Katic and Tamala Jones, I daresay good riddance.

Agent Carter — gone, goddammit, and though I didn’t entirely love Season 2, it’s sad. Now Peggy really is dead and gone, and unless they bring her back for some more Sad!Steve flashbacks, this really is it. Meh. I’m happy that Hayley Atwell’s abc pilot Conviction has received a series order, though, I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.

Person of Interest — gone, too, and I am really, really sad about that. The whole cast seems to have pulled out all the stops for Season 5, after a really strong Season 4 CBS has scuppered their chances with this one. So much potential, wasted. And CBS has shot to hell Sarah Shahi’s Nancy Drew because “it skewed too female.” I could write an entire think piece on that, but I will refrain for the sake of my own sanity, so I will only say this: Sarah Shahi tweeted that there are great new things on the horizon for her, so I will retaliate by writing fluff pieces about that when the time comes.

Sleepy Hollow — still here, surprisingly, after they’ve sidelined Abbie Mills for ages and then killed her off. Really. Killing off your Witness? One of two? Destined to save the world and prevent the Apocalypse? That Witness? Ugh. Literally, her last line was, to paraphrase, that her job was to get Ichabod to this point. And that should not have been her job. In Season 2, we had to endure the minutiae of Ichabod and Katrina’s ill-fated reunion, and then Season 3 wasn’t much better for Abbie, and then she exits with that line. Her role, to the point, became to carry the white man forward, and I cannot believe they wouldn’t have the kind of self-awareness to prevent this. After Orlando Jones, Nicole Beharie is the second POC to exit that show after expressing (publicly) their criticism of some of the plot and narrative decisions made by the writers; so I guess that speaks for itself.

Supergirl — CBS are continuing their trend re: being colossally stupid about stuff this year, and were poised to cancel Supergirl even in the face of stable ratings. So The CW have stepped up to give Kara a new home, and so she’ll continue to save the day in a new time slot. Here’s to hoping the show will benefit from it.

New shows coming in late 2016

But now, the Fall line-up. I’ll either write a couple posts about this or just amend this post whenever I see something new that catches my interest, but here’s a show that’s gonna start over at The CW in the fall, and I’m intrigued:

Based on the 2011 film of the same name, Frequency is about a young police detective, Raimy Sullivan, who discovers that she can communicate with her dead father via the old radio in her garage. (I haven’t seen the film, so I can’t speak to the source material, and I have expectations as to how the plot should/might go.) Of course, fiddling with the past is basically begging for the question, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? And everything that could, promptly does. Add a serial killer and converging timelines to the mix and shits get real pretty quick. Peyton List stars as Raimy, Riley Smith plays her sometimes-not-dead dad Frank, and Mekhi Phifer plays her squad Captain.

I’m looking forward to this one.


  1. I will truly miss Person of Interest and I agree with you that the cast has excelled in Season 5. Can’t say I’m a fan of Supergirl but I know a few people who are thrilled it will continue. Sleepy Hollow really lost its way, what a mess it became. Never saw Agent Carter, but I did see Castle and from what I’ve been reading it sounds like they needed to call it a day. I truly hope the show Limitless finds a home, that one I will miss.



    1. Castle really had run its course. I only read about all the rumours surrounding the cast recently, but no matter whether more than half or none of it is true, I was already fed up with the way the first wedding played out at the turn of S5/S6, and that’s when I stopped watching. After all that will they/won’t they, those additional dramatics were too much for me 😀
      Limitless.. wasn’t that the one based on the movie with Bradley Cooper? That’s how it kinda stuck in my head, but I never got around to watching it in the end. Perhaps it’ll find a place somewhere else, otherwise I’ll only have the first season to binge at some point :/



      1. Andrea, when you get a chance to check it out I think you’ll find the show has a playful nature about it. And one thing more, Bradley Cooper is a semi-regular in the series, very unusual for a movie star to regularly guest on a series. Good show though, very entertaining.


  2. Agent Carter – My wife and I thought it was better than Agents Of Shield. Sorry to see it ago. Sleepy Hollow – As with Agent Carter, we’ve seen every episode of this until this season…where we decided to walk away just like Nicole Beharie did. I can’t recall a show that fell so far off the rails from what made it successful, not to mention go in a completely bizarre direction. Shame what they did to that show. Supergirl – When we heard it would be part of the CW universe (we’re already living there with The Flash, Arrow, DC Legends, Supernatural) we went back and saw all the eps before this season began. Don’t like it as much as the other CW shows but it’s a keeper for now.



    1. The one thing I keep coming back to re: Sleepy Hollow — Tom Mison (Ichabod) said in an interview, when asked about Nicole’s exit, that he never considered himself the lead of the show. For him, that was Abbie, that was Nicole’s role. And then she left, and now he has to be the lead, by dint of being on the show the longest, and being the sole surviving Witness. I think that’s going to be tough for him, for starters, to lose his lead (and friend) to work with; and then to have a narrative that focuses on him much more strongly. The expanded storyline about Ichabod and Katrina wasn’t originally planned the way it was shown, it was supposed to have been a lot shorter; and I think the low-quality way that turned out is a good indicator of Tom’s ‘I’m not the lead here, this is really weird’ outlook at the time. And, certainly, of the way the writers can’t seem to make female characters work.

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  3. I read Mison’s comments somewhere where he was very generous indeed with his praise for Beharie’s role – and position – on the show. SH always worked best for me when she was his mentor, guiding him along the way from his era into present-day. There was never any doubt she was in charge of things, training him on the ways of the (new) world etc. Contracts are contracts and money is money. Still, it has to be just killing him to play this series out this way. Sour taste in everyone’s mouth about how this played out. SH lost its way via bad writing…and the departure of Nicole is when it lost its soul.

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