Twin Peaks is returning May, 21

So in case you didn’t know that I’m SUPER PUMPED for the Twin Peaks revival on Showtime — consider this a PSA. Because I am.


Excuse me while I rewatch Seasons 1 and 2 and Fire Walk with Me and weep into my cereal. I never knew about Twin Peaks until I was in my early 20s, since it aired when I was but a wee babe pooping rainbows and generally delighting my parents. I caught reruns one night and immediately fell down the rabbit hole. Ever since I knew the way Season 2 ended and the way FWWM gave us, like, zero closure,  the show basically continued playing on a loop in my head, with me dreaming up dozens of scenarios how it could continue.

And that’s cool. Shows end, it’s a thing, and sometimes it’s tragic — I mean, just look at FOX’s entire back catalogue of the past fifteen years — but mostly that’s just what happens and the rest happens in fanfiction. That’s what it’s there for, and that’s never been less fulfilling for me than knowing what the creators intended. Hell, in the case of Gilmore Girls, I’d have been happier never knowing what the Palladinos had in mind for Rory… so. I hope that Twin Peaks will give us a revival we will love, and that will see Coop happy and whole.

It’s not too much to ask… is it?


2 thoughts on “Twin Peaks is returning May, 21

  1. I am one of those folks who is not initially a fan of hearing about any sequels, reboots, reunions etc. when it comes to “my” shows and movies. I remember watching this series as it aired back in the day and it was so, so different in atmosphere, tone and pace than other shows. A true original in its time. It easily resided within my Top Ten list of “Shows They’ll Never Touch Trying To Remake.” And here we are. I am a bit intrigued as it gets closer to airing. I suppose I’ll be sipping a cup o’ joe in my trench coat in due time…with some cherry pie perhaps.


    1. I first heard of/watched Twin Peaks in 2010 or 2011, thereabouts, so I truly have no frame of reference when it comes to the show’s impact at the time; but being familiar with a lot of shows that aired in the early 90s, I had a rough idea of just how strange it was. Having a show that means a lot to you picked up again can turn out badly — I was not fond of the Gilmore Girls revival that aired on Netflix in November 2016; although there the complication was that what they wrote their would have been their Season 7, hadn’t they left the original show after Season 6. So I simply would have disliked Season 7 ten years ago, too. Generally, though, I’m excited by the prospect of getting more of a thing that I love.
      Seeing as the back half of TP Season 2 was… not great, I guess it can only get better? 😀 Depends on whether what we’re gonna see is the Season 3 that they never got to make, just 25 years on; or something different altogether.

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