Let’s get personal.

Hello there!

I’m Andrea, 28 years old, from Northern Germany.

Graduate of English-Speaking Cultures and Cultural Studies, in love with books, the TV as well as the cinema, music, and the Internet. Still waiting for the Doctor to whisk me away in his little blue box and take me to see the stars… but, meanwhile, I’m working in online marketing. So there, Gallifrey!

This blog is dedicated mainly to my twin obsessions Doctor Who and Sherlock, but there are quite a few other fandoms represented here besides that: Luther, Lewis, Elementary, Scott & Bailey, Hannibal, Suits, Almost Human, Dracula, Sleepy Hollow, By Any Means, Whitechapel… I write reviews as close to the original broadcast as I can, plus the occasional speculation post about upcoming storylines.

I hope you’ll have yourself a fun time on my blog, may it be just a cursory glance or a diligent read!

© Andrea Mareike Abel


  1. Been reading your Sherlock posts. I’m so glad to have found a kindred Sherlock lover! You have an amazing writing style, and cover everything beautifully. I can’t wait for Sherlock 3, and am trying to brainstorm ideas for how he faked his death. Your theory could very well be correct, but there are so many others! By the way, how did you get that picture of Moriarty snarling? It perfectly captures his insanity! Can’t wait for your reviews of the third season!



    1. First off, thanks for stopping by–and such praise! I’m glad you like it in my Sherlockian writing corner 🙂
      There are so many ways how Sherlock could have done it–and, knowing Moffat & Gatiss, it’ll probably have me slapping my forehead and saying, “Well, now that you explain it, I can see it, too…” I’m by no means expecting to be actually right. 😀
      Do you mean Moriarty snarling in The Great Game, at the pool, as he threatens Sherlock to burn the heart out of him? Eh, I think I just pressed screenprint while watching it online and hoped for the best 😀
      Looking forward to seeing you around in Series 3!



  2. Your review of Lewis: Fearful Symmetry, was the best written, most insightful and engaging of any review of anything. I’ve ever read. That’s quite a statement, i know. And I’ve read a lot of reviews. But it’s true. I hope this blog is still going because I’ve signed up for emails.
    Maureen from Sydney, Australia



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