All written content is, unless indicated otherwise, mine. Most of the visual content consists of episode wallpapers/promo stills or screenshots and therefore belongs to the BBC or other broadcasting/movie companies. No copyright infringement is in any way intended.

If you want to use anything you found here, please be so kind as to drop me a line (you can use the contact form widget in the menu above, or tweet me, write me an email at, credit me and provide the link/trackback to this blog. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Of course, the stuff I linked in my blogroll does not necessarily represent my opinion about things, nor can I always check if there’s offensive content. I liked it at the time I linked it, and it was fine when I did.

Also, I make no profit whatsoever by whatever views I myself express on this blog. Bugger. I don’t get advance copies of anything, and I’m not affiliated with any of the networks whose shows I review. If I love something, I say it. If I rip something to shreds, then that’s that.

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