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Fandom is a funky place — competing with, being slagged off by, and currently butting heads with mainstream media more than ever.

Fanfiction Writers Are Not Here For Your Titillation.

Dear Media,

Fan fiction writers are not here for your titillation. Fan fiction writers are not here to make other fans of fiction feel safe and cozy in the knowledge that they’re wasting their lives watching telly more sanely than some others. Fan fiction writers are not here to provide cheap thrills for your audience.

We are not here — there, everywhere, in the public domain — to be made fun of; to be used as that old photograph on everyone’s high-and-mighty dartboard for all of those who… well, all of those who need to feel better about themselves and their own ways of consuming media. (Be that consuming loads of it, occasional viewers, or those consuming none at all.)

Apparently, you can only ever feel better about yourself by absolutely pissing on someone else’s fun parade.

The thing with fandom, the fourth wall, and the media.

Yesterday, Martin Freeman appeared on the Graham Norton show, as part of Comic Relief 2013.

As is very nearly tradition, Martin and Benedict usually also get asked a couple of questions on the Sherlock fandom and the fan fiction and fan art that’s been published over the past three years. Both of them, though Benedict especially, have made an effort to acknowledge that fan works are a good thing, because it means that people engage with something emotionally and intellectually; and that inspiring such a mass of fan works is a mark of how popular the show is.