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Sometimes, the best thing to do is to curl up in your armchair, grab the controller, and forget everything else.

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Title menu screen in Firewatch (game)

Game Review: Firewatch (Campo Santo)

Tags: mystery & atmosphere, walking simulator, point & click adventure
Gameplay: keyboard + mouse, full controller support
Platform: Steam/PC
Released: Feb 9, 2016
Studio/Publisher: Campo Santo / Panic Inc., Campo Santo
Play time: 6-7 hours
Rating: 5/5, no contest

Warning: this review includes spoilers for the plot of Firewatch as well as gameplay elements and screenshots!

Firewatch is one of the break-out game titles of early 2016, and very probably the entire year. I love playing story-based games, I love mysteries that let you discover worlds — Firewatch is a distant cousin of The Long Dark (currently still in sandbox alpha, but already a lot of fun) in that it throws you right into the middle of stunning landscapes in Wyoming. In this, it echoes survival games, but it’s also a point & click adventure with a story designed to lead you through many different terrains closer to the core of a fantastic, personal, heartbreaking story.