Dear Readers and Subscribers of Crime and Relative Dimension in Space,

As you may know already, this blog has regenerated, so to speak, and moved to a new home. All content and review are now hosted on Moving meant taking all the content with me, but not all of my readership. Of course I want to continue writing and reaching out to and entertaining you with my posts, so I wanted to get a message out to you asking you to come visit me at the new address and follow/subscribe to the new blog so you can keep receiving updates on new posts and reviews after July 1st. It means the world to me that so many of you are interested in my scribblings and meta, so I’d be thrilled if you joined me in this adventure, too.

Lots of love,

Andrea of Crime and Relative Dimension in Space.

Don’t miss The Five(ish) Doctors, 10pm on Saturday night!

Another BBC Red Button feature will amuse fans on Saturday night, directly after The Day of the Doctor: according to the RadioTimes, Peter Davison has written a spoof, featuring fellow past Doctor Who actors Colin Baker, Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, along with Jon Pertwee’s son Sean and Olivia Coleman (Broadchurch).

The Rules of Engagement: Editorial.

“Good men don’t need rules.”
“And now is not the time to find out why I have so many.”

– Madame Kovarian and the Doctor in A Good Man Goes to War

This blog was created to write about things that excite me — and to hone my craft. When I made this website, I was just finishing my Abitur and preparing for university. As a way of practising both writing for entertainment and analysis of audiovisual media, especially television series, this blog started out as my way of finding my footing. Continue reading →

PSA: Normal Service to Resume Soon.

Becaaaauuuse: I’m done with my BA thesis! I have successfully wrangled John and Sherlock into thirty-one pages of celebratory academia, so, suddenly, a lot of free time has opened up. Well, a bit. Some. In any case, it’s a huge weight off my back 🙂

This week, I’ll commence reviewing the new series of Luther, which premieres tomorrow, and I’m confident that I’ll pick up Elementary again soon, too. Please vote in the poll for the reviewing season 2013/14 if you haven’t yet!



As you lot might be or not be aware, I’ll be leaving the country in a while, to complete my semester abroad in Canada, at the University of Ottawa. Since, as with all things adventurous, I can’t keep my trap shut about it, I’ve created a new wordpress blog, TheGrumblinGirl in Ottawa, to write about the things I do, the things and sights I see. The categories set so far are a bit arbitrary, but knowing me, I might just keep them.

The Ottawa blog will be active from August 22, until the end of December 2012.

It’s mostly to keep friends and family easily apprised of what’s going on with me (without them having to sift through the inevitable Doctor Who reviews of Series 7 and everything that’s probably still going to be going on over here), and also to enable me to cite it as a reference in the report I’m going to write for my home university (also without any academic people sifting through my stuff, thanks very much).

Both blogs will be active while I’m away, but for status reports from Ottawa, please turn left at the haystack.

Sherlock: The Series Two Soundtrack

Previous: Series One.

(Look over here for more booklet-y goodness. The artwork is, again, amazing!)

Oh, my God. Who knew having your heart ripped out of your chest and trampled into the dust could be so beautiful? This soundtrack, even more than Series One, goes to show what musical genius is operating behind this, and how valuable the music, composed by David Arnold and Michael Price, has become to understanding these characters–to comprehend who they are, and what they’re going through. Continue reading →

Sherlock: The Series One Soundtrack

(Look here for more booklet-y goodness. The artwork is amazing! The skull hiding just behind the disk, especially.)

Oh my Lord, how long we’ve waited.

These are bringing out the big guns, and it’s wonderful to hear all the pieces in their entirety after only hearing parts of their brilliance during the series. Bits and pieces here and there, we never quite got the whole picture, and now here it is, and it’s gorgeous. Continue reading →