Sherlock: The Series Two Soundtrack

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(Look over here for more booklet-y goodness. The artwork is, again, amazing!)

Oh, my God. Who knew having your heart ripped out of your chest and trampled into the dust could be so beautiful? This soundtrack, even more than Series One, goes to show what musical genius is operating behind this, and how valuable the music, composed by David Arnold and Michael Price, has become to understanding these characters–to comprehend who they are, and what they’re going through. Continue reading →

Sherlock: The Series One Soundtrack

(Look here for more booklet-y goodness. The artwork is amazing! The skull hiding just behind the disk, especially.)

Oh my Lord, how long we’ve waited.

These are bringing out the big guns, and it’s wonderful to hear all the pieces in their entirety after only hearing parts of their brilliance during the series. Bits and pieces here and there, we never quite got the whole picture, and now here it is, and it’s gorgeous. Continue reading →