Fiction Meets Science — Pippa Goldschmidt, “The Falling Sky”

(A German translation of this review is available on the Bremer Literaturkontor website.)

No spoilers were harmed in the making of this review.

On June 18, 2015, astronomer-turned-novelist Pippa Goldschmidt visited the House of Science in Bremen, together with her translator Zoë Beck, to read excerpts from her novel “The Falling Sky.” As part of the series ‘Fiction meets Science,’ novelists, literary scholars, sociologists, and STEM scientists observe the relationship between literature and science. This examination takes place on two levels: literature becomes the object of sociological study within the context of public discourse on science and scientific progress, for one. On another level, there is a field of tension between science and its representation in art.

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Book review — “The Calling: A John Luther Novel” by Neil Cross

If you love the BBC’s Luther, but haven’t read this yet: support your local bookstore! If you’re just getting into the series and want the backstory: this is a good place to start. (This does contain not a lot of spoilers for the book, but definitely spoilers for the series, so you might want to come back later if you haven’t seen it at all yet.) Continue reading →