Almost Human review: Straw Man, the season finale.

Previously on Almost Human: Beholder. Even as this episode sets itself up for what could have been a glorious exploration of how Dorian or DRNs in general feel, all it achieves is over-accentuating the other guy’s man pain. This could have been such a great episode about Dorian and John fighting to keep Dorian in […]

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Almost Human review: Beholder.

Previously on Almost Human: Disrupt. It’s a long story. And I want to hear that story. Stop underwriting Stahl! Seriously, it’s such a shame. This show is wasting numerous opportunities. It’s all well and good to tease at a character’s backstory, and to reveal it slowly, but it’s a bad idea when it could replace an […]

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Almost Human: Disrupt.

Previously on Almost Human: Perception. Bless whoever made the executive decision to put Karl Urban into a nicely popped-collared leather jacket and lots of eyeliner. Bless. Oh, and: Kiwi accent! Goodness me. Advertisements

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Almost Human review: Perception.

Previously on Almost Human: Unbound. The trouble about FOX continuing to mess with the broadcasting order of TV shows is that I can’t trust the narrative and characterisation. These things have to happen in sequence and in contextual order — but the network’s bozos screwing with the plan without a care for writers’ carefully crafted […]

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Meet Your Maker — Almost Human: Unbound.

Previously on Almost Human: You Are Here. Pinocchio meets Gepetto — but Gepetto isn’t the kind old man from a fairy tale anymore; and not for the first time it’s Dorian who’s doubting his humanity — while none other than John Kennex keeps the faith. Meanwhile, I’m having some issues with how this show treats […]

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“You Like Me.” — Almost Human: You Are Here.

Previously on Almost Human: Simon Says. And now, seven weeks later, John’s anger and trauma issues are finally picked up again after lying dormant for all this narrated time — along with the Syndicate’s threat. Advertisements

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Almost Human review: Simon Says

Previously on Almost Human: Arrhythmia. “Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable? Like a coma?” Dorian’s cranky because his power levels are low. So, when Dorian’s cranky and someone like Det. Paul insults his partner, on top of giving MXs charging priority, then there’s one certain subroutine that kicks in. You know the one. […]

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Almost Human review: Arrhythmia.

Previously on Almost Human: Blood Brothers. Oh good, there’s two of them. This episode of Almost Human gives us many things: a Blade Runner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? reference in the form of the Luger test, designed to detect faulty DRNs, an organ harvesting crime story, and the issue of government property and god, […]

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Almost Human review: Blood Brothers.

Previously on Almost Human: The Bends. Life-size Ken dolls. Oh my, we’re in trouble. Advertisements

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Almost Human review: The Bends.

Previously on Almost Human: Are You Receiving? After last week’s character-exposition heavy outing, this episode tells us more about 2048 state-of-the-art drug manufacturing and Rudy (Mackenzie Crook), your friendly neighbourhood scientist. Advertisements

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Interview round-up: FOX’s Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human

“Frankly, I’m stunned and elated,” executive producer Alex Kurtzman tells “Our jaws were on the floor. We kind of can’t believe it. The whole energy surrounding Sleepy Hollow from the fans is just extraordinary and the thing you dream of.” In an interview with, Sleepy Hollow‘s exec talks about the show’s rousing success with the media and […]

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Almost Human review: Are You Receiving?

Previously on Almost Human: Skin. “You know how I take my coffee?” “Yes, I, unlike you, I pay attention to details, like what time it is. And what time you’re supposed to pick up your partner for shift.” “Oh, I pay attention to details, like you just stuck your finger in my coffee!” “If you […]

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