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‘Castle’ Season 2 Finale — Will They, Won’t They?


In this season’s finale, A Deadly Game, that aired on abc last night, the titular character and his “inspiration”, Detective Kate Beckett, were meant to assess and confront their feelings for each other.

Everyone: Yaaay!

And they did! Except Castle was stupid enough to take off into vacation with his ex-wife.

Everyone: D’oh! Or, more poignantly: Castle, you dumbass!

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Just Another TV Series Stumbled Upon: “Demons”

— Who’s Cooking Monsters in the Kitchen?

While, erm, slightly obsessing about BBC’s smashing successes Life on Mars and its follow-up Ashes to Ashes, I read some interviews — for example, the following ones, all conducted by Ian Wylie; with Keeley Hawes who plays DI Alex Drake (he posted extras to it on his blog), and with Philip Glenister who plays gorgeous DCI Gene Hunt (again, extras as well). I’d already watched a few episodes of Spooks, but I never got around to watching any other productions featuring Philip Glenister. Terribly ashamed of myself, I took a good look and found: Demons, first aired in 2009. (Beware: Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched it yet, but want to, you might want to come back afterwards. This is a review, not an imdb synopsis.) Before I go into detail,