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BBC show about a police unit outside the police, hunting down bad guys by playing the long con, headed by Warren Brown and Gina McKee. (Cancelled in 2013.)

By Any Means: Episode 4.

Previously on By Any Means: Episode 3.

As the stakes of the game are raised, this is the one where everything goes wrong.

After two police officers were unjustly thrown out of the Met after dear Mr and Mrs Walker brought disciplinary charges of harassment down on their heads, Helen does that thing she does — marching out of court rooms with a determined look on her face — and tasks Jack Quinn and his team with bringing Bonnie and Clyde down.

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By Any Means: Episode 1.

Love Spooks? Love law enforcement officers in a grey area doing things they probably shouldn’t, working beyond the police, but with blessing of the ‘royal we’? Love Hustle? Love a good con pulled by smart grifters operating outside the rules? Tony Jordan, who co-created not only Hustle, but also Life on Mars, has presented the audience with an — at least for the moment — light-hearted mixture of the two genres.

Then you’re gonna love By Any Means. Last night’s first outing gained a topping 4.1m viewers, even though someone at the BBC decided it would be a good idea to put it in the same slot as the returning ITV drama Downton Abbey.