“Death Is Coming.” — Dracula: the Complete Season Finale.

Previously on Dracula: Come to Die. This is a collective review of the last two episodes of Dracula, Four Roses and Let There Be Light. This is a mess. One huge, out-of-control mess. It’s motivations, plot-lines, and characterisations all over the place, and the writers don’t even seem to be trying to clean up after […]

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Dracula: Come to Die.

Previously on Dracula: Servant to Two Masters. I hate to say it, but I’m honestly glad that there’s only two more episodes to this season, which is getting more and more ridiculous.

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Dracula: Servant to Two Masters

Previously on Dracula: Of Monsters and Men. “What could you possible desire that is not already yours for the taking?” Oh, gee whiz, I don’t know. Good writing and character development that makes sense? Advertisements

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Dracula review: Of Monsters and Men.

Previously on Dracula: The Devil’s Waltz. Of vampiristic blood cells and undead lab rats. Advertisements

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Dracula review: The Devil’s Waltz.

Previously on Dracula: From Darkness to Light. If one were feeling terribly poetic, one might say that last night’s all-new Dracula showed us our star-crossed lovers’ most heartfelt dreams and desires. I’m not feeling terribly poetic today — just terribly bored. Advertisements

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Dracula: From Darkness to Light.

Previously on Dracula: Goblin Merchant Men. Oh, good. Dracy’s got his butler back. Advertisements

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Dracula: Goblin Merchant Men.

Previously on Dracula: A Whiff of Sulfur. This third episode of Dracula gives us the story of how exactly Vlad Tepes became undead, and the tragedy of Van Helsing’s own grief driving his quest for revenge. Advertisements

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Dracula: A Whiff of Sulfur.

Previousy: The Blood Is the Life. Now that the first season has also premiered in the UK, this thing has officially kicked off. Or has it? Advertisements

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Series Premiere Review — Dracula: The Blood is the Life.

After this series premiere of NBC’s new stab at the Draculean legend, I might now as well cast my verdict as to ‘Good Awful or Bad Awful?’. Going by this pilot, I’m afraid we’re heading distinctly towards Bad Awful. Advertisements

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NBC’s Dracula: Good Awful or Bad Awful?

This is a preview — you can find the actual episode reviews in the Dracula Season 1 tag. You know the feeling. News about a new show comes out and you get all excited because it’s a character or genre or concept you like and you think, ‘Ooh, can’t wait until it airs!’ And then […]

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