Elementary: Ears to You.

Previously on Elementary: The One Percent Solution. What this episode does, for me, is highlight why this Gareth Lestrade is a prat and a dick, and why we’re all glad to be rid of him. What this episode also does is annoy me that he gets room and board long enough to get his shit […]

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Elementary: Corpse de Ballet.

Previously on Elementary: Dead Clade Walking. The — aside from the wonderfully unperturbed handling of gender-flexible sexual and/or relationships — relatively uninspired case of a dead ballerina was accompanied by a better look at Joan’s life, values, and motivations; as well as a heartwarming example of the depth of her connection with Sherlock.

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Elementary: The Diabolical Kind

Previously on Elementary: Internal Audit. “You look tired.” “You look evil.” And thus, with the story of Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective and bona fide genius, becomes a conversation between women. An intelligent conversation based on wit and deception and morality — not petty jealousy or cat-fighting.

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