Elementary: Snow Angels.

Previously on Elementary: Déjà Vu All Over Again.


What do a pretend holding cell riot, a blizzard, a murder, and about 200 stolen smartphones have in common?

They’re all being pestered by two consulting detectives with things to do and places to be.

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Elementary: Possibility Two.

Previously on Elementary: Details.


The case runs like this: rich guy thinks he’s being genetically engineered to kick the bucket. Sherlock Holmes doesn’t believe it’s possible. Rich guy then shoots his driver, Sherlock takes the case—and a bee that’s, apparently, worth a whole load of money. Sherlock investigates and his theories bring all the boys to the lab. Any questions?

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“Now, I Urinate.”—Elementary: A Giant Gun Filled with Drugs.

Previously on ElementaryThe Deductionist.


When old friends come to visit, that’s usually great. Reminiscences, old jokes, sometimes those are a solid foundation to build a friendship future on.

Less so when your name is Sherlock Holmes and the old friend is your former drug dealer, Rhys, who’s run into some problems.

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Elementary: The Red Team.

Previously on Elementary: M.


Apart from this being one of the more convoluted cases of the season, this is the fall-out. If last episode hadn’t ended any differently, Sherlock could have been facing trial and a hefty prison sentence now—but he’s free, he’s fine (mostly). He’s also suspended from consulting with the NYPD.

Sherlock knew what he was doing—and if I’m getting this right, he wasn’t even planning to escape after murdering Moran. He was fully prepared to go to jail and have his entire existence taken away from him… because he’d already lost it the day Irene died. He kept count.

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