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FOX procedural detailing the origins of Gotham (DC Comics), retracing the steps of a young Detective Gordon just after the murder of Mr and Mrs Wayne in an alleyway.

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Gordon and Captain Essen talk over a case

Gotham: ‘Arkham,’ ‘Viper’ & ‘Spirit of the Goat’

Previously on GothamThe Balloonman.


“I told you there’s a war coming, Jim.”

Hitman Gladwell on Gotham

For once, a visit to Wayne Manor has actual plot purposes — if only to show that when a detective puts himself in the hands of a twelve-year-old boy, it’s Arya Stark 2.0, budding Gotham vigilante style. So when Bruce has a nightmare about his parents’ murder, we know how much of a bad idea this is going to end up being.

Meanwhile, Ben Mackenzie is still stuck in his my-voice-is-too-deep-and-my-face-is-too-serious-for-this-simple-conversation schtick, whilst the dialogue between the partners is still stuck in useless infodump. We’re catching a glimpse of bickering in this one, but it’s short-lived.

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Gotham pilot, Gordon and Bullock

Gotham: Pilot.

FOX broadcast the first episode of its new DC adaptation yesterday, Gotham’s origin story as much as Jim Gordon’s — and that of so many of the villains Batman has come across in his many years of (dis)service to the city. The Waynes’ murder kicks off the city’s spiral into destitution and corruption — and Gordon, new in town and just out of uniform, is right at the heart of it. He’s going to grow up in Gotham, as the city will grow dark around him.

Falcone: “You can’t have organised crime without law and order. […] You have a hard head, just like your father. Don’t be self-righteous, don’t be arrogant.”