Gotham: ‘Arkham,’ ‘Viper’ & ‘Spirit of the Goat’

Previously on Gotham: The Balloonman. Arkham “I told you there’s a war coming, Jim.” For once, a visit to Wayne Manor has actual plot purposes — if only to show that when a detective puts himself in the hands of a twelve-year-old boy, it’s Arya Stark 2.0, budding Gotham vigilante style. So when Bruce has a nightmare […]

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“The villagers are here.” — Gotham: The Balloonman.

Previously on Gotham: Selina Kyle. And the teenage girl leaves the cop standing in the mud down the sewers.

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Gotham: Selina Kyle.

Previously on Gotham: Pilot. The Cat speaks, the Penguin absconds, and the straight arrow bends. Advertisements

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Gotham: Pilot.

FOX broadcast the first episode of its new DC adaptation yesterday, Gotham’s origin story as much as Jim Gordon’s — and that of so many of the villains Batman has come across in his many years of (dis)service to the city. The Waynes’ murder kicks off the city’s spiral into destitution and corruption — and […]

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Gotham: Official Extended Trailer

Scheduled to premiere on FOX during the 2014/2015 season, Gotham will present to you Gotham City before the great bat descends from the sky. Focusing on a young Officer Gordon and introducing Bruce Wayne as a kid along with some of the beloved anti-heroes, villains, and shadowy figures, Gotham looks pretty good like this. Let’s see […]

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