Idris Elba Presents Songs and Score from Luther Series 1, 2 and 3

The BBC, in cooperation with Silva Screen, have released an album filled with the songs that were used as end credits music over the course of three series of Luther. Along with the tracks by popular artists, there are also tracks composed by Paul Englishby that made up the amazing orchestral incidental score of the episodes.
In the video, Idris Elba answers questions on how the songs are chosen and what motived the creators of the series in making it, and a possible cinematic future.
The album was released in the UK today, September 16, it will become available in Germany on September 27; the US release date is the 5th of November (not available for pre-order yet as far as I can tell).

Buy it here: amazon UK | amazon Germany

Neil Cross releases graphic interpretation of lost flashback scene.

And if anyone still had a doubt that Ripley was made for Luther, and that the creators of this series were as in love with their relationship as the fandom was…

The image was released on the show’s facebook page, with a few words from Neil Cross himself.

But one last thing. Originally, I’d hoped to begin the final episode with a flashback featuring dear, dead Justin Ripley. (I know. I miss him, too.) It was one of my favourite scenes of the series, but for one reason or another we didn’t shoot it.

However, for the die-hards out there — and there must be a couple of you, right? — here’s a graphic interpretation of that lost scene.

I have to admit, I choked up a little when I read it. Because — well, goodbyes always make me tearful.

Luther Confirmed for Big Screen Prequel

Luther Confirmed for Big Screen Prequel

Looks as though Neil Cross has confirmed that a script has been completed and schedules are tentatively projected for shooting a movie adaptation of his novel, The Calling, which delves into Luther’s past and the case that nearly broke him, next year. Cross also hints that he’s busy writing a second John Luther novel — perhaps a look at Luther’s future after the heart-stopping finale of Series 3? Both Cross and Idris Elba have been open about wanting to set up this project for over a year, and that it’s now happening is a brilliant development. Thinking of Luther — with a not-dead-yet DS Justin Ripley, Ian Reed, and Zoe Luther, along with Rose Teller as his boss, to complete the cast — in the cinema is making me giddy alright. Bring it on!

Edit: DigitalSpy also reported last month that Neil Cross is definitely having ideas about a serial killer spin-off for Alice Morgan (played by Ruth Wilson).

Book review — “The Calling: A John Luther Novel” by Neil Cross

If you love the BBC’s Luther, but haven’t read this yet: support your local bookstore! If you’re just getting into the series and want the backstory: this is a good place to start. (This does contain not a lot of spoilers for the book, but definitely spoilers for the series, so you might want to come back later if you haven’t seen it at all yet.) Continue reading →