Mid-Season Pilots: NBC’s Powerless

With room for improvement, Powerless could be the superhero show to make living with superheroes fun again. Advertisements

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TV Season 2016/17 — Tributes, Assemble!

The new TV season has begun, with shows that were on the bubble being cancelled more often than not, these days. Here’s my thoughts on a few of those that went, those that stayed, and the new ones we’ll be meeting this pilot season.

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New Fall Shows 2015/16 Quick Reviews: Blindspot, Rosewood, Minority Report

TV drama season 2015/16 has begun, and we’re off to the races with lots of returning shows and many, many new contenders. A lot of pilots have come out last week, and here’s a quick review for those that I’ve previewed in the summer: Blindspot, Minority Report, and Rosewood. Advertisements

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Agent Carter: Series Premiere Review

In MARVEL’s two-part opening episode, Peggy Carter gets up and writes her own history. Advertisements

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Stalker: Pilot review.

Before watching a new show, I try not to let myself be influenced by the reviews that I might read; and some shows, even though they get trashed nearly universally, I watch for the sake of knowing what people are talking about and making up my own mind. I’m not usually one to cease and […]

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Selfie: Pilot review.

Starring Karen Gillan as Eliza Dooley and John Cho as Henry Higgs, Selfie attempts to take on Generation Y and the way likes, shares, and retweets are re-shaping our social/media lives. John has a bow tie, Karen has an American accent, and everything in between means to achieve the comical via the absurd/nonsensically quirky scenic route. […]

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How to Get Away with Murder: Pilot review.

What this show does brilliantly is… a lot. It’s courtroom drama, it’s college drama, it’s character-driven, it features a diverse cast of characters. The opening scene plunges us right into the heart of the story — and the season’s main toss-up: the murder and the getting away with it. Intercut with scenes from three months […]

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Gotham: Pilot.

FOX broadcast the first episode of its new DC adaptation yesterday, Gotham’s origin story as much as Jim Gordon’s — and that of so many of the villains Batman has come across in his many years of (dis)service to the city. The Waynes’ murder kicks off the city’s spiral into destitution and corruption — and […]

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Oh No, She’s a Bitch! — The Inability to Deal with TV Assholes Who Happen to Be Women

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend — well, no, that’s a blatant lie. It’s not a trend, it’s part of our culture. But it is disturbing, so it’s only a small lie. This fall season, two TV series have premiered that both portray women of early middle age, who have more or less functional families, kids, and […]

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Hysteria (Amazon Originals): Pilot Episode

It’s just an aside, this time, because I saw it online and wanted to check it out and review it properly, but then I spent nearly an hour getting increasingly irritated and thought better of it and decided not to invest too much time into it. Trigger warnings for mentions of rape and suicide. Advertisements

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The Strain: Gone Smooth (Episode 3) review

Previously on The Strain: Night Zero & The Box Last week, I complained that The Strain wasn’t getting to me the way I wanted it to, that it was bland and wasting its time on plotlines that only weighed it down and actually — ironically — made it harder to connect to these characters. This […]

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Does “The Strain” Look Sort of Bland to You?

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I got off on the wrong foot with this show, but the last time I had so much trouble connecting with the characters on a show was when I first started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and hey, they got a whole lot better at their game over time. Advertisements

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