A Few (Subjective) Truths about Sherlock, Series 4

As we’re hurtling towards the inevitably tense and mind-boggling (in either the positive or the negative sense of the word) conclusion of the series (and possibly the show), here’s a few things that I wanted to write about that I haven’t really touched on in my reviews so far. Continue reading →

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride.

Previously on Sherlock: His Last Vow.

There are no ghosts in this world. Save for the ones we make for ourselves.

This is the story of five minutes in the life of Sherlock Holmes. Five minutes in the real world, but a lifetime in another — in Sherlock’s Mind Palace, to be precise. In the time it takes for the plane to turn around and come back down to land in His Last Vow, as John speaks the foreboding words, “There’s an East Wind coming,” Sherlock has already gone deep into himself, into the recesses of his mind, to solve a mystery that has kept us on the edges of our seats for two years.

How is he alive?

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Sherlock and John in a promo pic for Series 3

BBC confirms Sherlock Series 4 will include a Special and 3 Episodes

BBC confirms Sherlock Series 4 will include a Special and 3 Episodes

BBC One has officially announced that the much anticipated fourth series of Sherlock will bring us a Special followed by three 90-minute episodes. Production on the Special will commence in January 2015, the series episodes are set to be filmed later in the year. That should put us in the running for a Christmas Special and three eps after New Year’s Eve 2015/2016, I should imagine. Or perhaps they will gift us with the Special earlier than Christmas? An Autumn Special, what with production beginning so early? Who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes, but at least we know the wait isn’t necessarily longer than what we’ve been through before.

Click the link for the official tumblr post.

John, Magnussen, and Sherlock

“Who Would He Bother Protecting?” — Sherlock: His Last Vow.

Previously on Sherlock: The Sign of Three.

The answer to that — the usual. John Watson.

I recall calling The Reichenbach Fall brilliant television and a veritable rollercoaster of emotions. Then what am I to call this? Because this is even bloody better.

The facts of the case are these: Sherlock Holmes is a murderer. Continue reading →

Sherlock, John, and Mary -- and the best man's speech.

Sherlock: The Marriage of Three (follow-up).

Previously on Sherlock: The Sign of Three.

I talked a lot about how Sherlock feels in my review of the second episode of Series 3. I’ve talked about how he’s terrified of losing John to domestic bliss, but also determined to let him and Mary go if that will ensure his absolute happiness — rather than Sherlock’s own.

But there’s another dimension to this, and that’s John and Mary.
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Sherlock, John, and Mary -- and the best man's speech.

“He’s Clueing for Looks.” — Sherlock: The Sign of Three.

Previously on Sherlock: The Empty Hearse.

The producers have described this episode as the most “un-Sherlock” episode of Sherlock ever — but then, that’s not quite true. Why? Because this episode is about John and Sherlock. And that’s always been Sherlock at its best, and at its heart and core. Continue reading →