Taxi Brooklyn: Precious Cargo

Previously on Taxi Brooklyn: Cherchez Les Femmes. Ok, so. This is coming from a person who is perfectly willing to watch the glorified multi-billion dollar movie trilogy adaptation of a story containing two human men, a dwarf, three hobbits, and a fucking Woodland elf scrambling over hill and over dale to throw a magic ring […]

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Taxi Brooklyn review: Cherchez Les Femmes.

Previously on Taxi Brooklyn: Pilot & Brooklyn Heights. This is a show with a lot of potential that, sadly, suffers from its writing team having a lot of little “cutesie” ideas that they think are funny and just absolutely have to work into the plot. Except, in the end, they’re not cute, the plot work […]

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New show: Taxi Brooklyn (NBC)

Two weeks ago, a new show appeared on the NBC canvas: Taxi Brooklyn, starring Chyler Leigh in her first leading role (on TV, that is) since Grey’s Anatomy and Jacky Ido, who’s probably best known for his role as as Marcel in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, but has since starred in many English-, French-, and German-speaking […]

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