ITV Cancels Whitechapel

On twitter, Rupert Penry-Jones announced the end of the popular ITV series Whitechapel just minutes ago. After ratings had dropped significantly in Series 4, for reasons I simply cannot fathom, it seems that the network didn’t have the guts to continue on the path that the latest episodes have so courageously started out on. Thanks […]

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Whitechapel: the Complete Finale of Series 4.

Previously on Whitechapel: Episode 4. And with this last case, filled with cannibals, human sacrifice, and nasty little old ladies, ITV’s popular drama concludes its fourth series.

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Whitechapel Ratings Continue Downturn

Overnight viewing figures were at 4.1m viewers for Episode 1 of Series 4, then climbed to 5.55m to accommodate ITV player views. Figures including the ITV player rent sales of the second episode, however, still dropped to 4.09m. My prediction that the buzz created by people already having seen the second ep wouldn’t necessarily work […]

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The Snake Shedding Its Skin : ‘Whitechapel’ (S04E04)

Previously on Whitechapel: Episode 3. This episode started with something that doesn’t happen very often — in fact, it doesn’t happen, full stop. Ever. Chandler being a laughing, joking git is something scarce indeed. Unfortunately, the levity doesn’t last very long. Advertisements

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Bodysnatchers in ‘Whitechapel’ (S04E03)

Previously on Whitechapel: Episode 2. This episode, penned by Steve Pemberton himself, has upped the ante in several aspects: each team member’s personal demons are coming on strong, the friction between them increases, and this case just bumped the upper end of the creepy scale. Advertisements

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It All Begins with a Curse: ‘Whitechapel’ (S04E02)

Previously on Whitechapel: Episode 1. The theory is that the killer hunts people who practise forms of magic and who believe that their powers are real. Turns out, it’s sort exactly like that, and sort of really not. Meanwhile, the hauntings don’t stop. Advertisements

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Whitechapel Ratings Cut Down By Half

18/09/2013 — Edit: the ratings for Episode 4.01 have been revised, the ratings for the second episode are not yet available. Yes, dear readers, I was as flummoxed by this as you probably are. The returning series premiere of Whitechapel last week reached only (revised numbers as of 18/09/2013): 5.55 million people (4.10m overnight), which is an […]

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Someone’s Burning Witches in ‘Whitechapel’ (S04E01)

Dark powers are stirring in Whitechapel — and DI Joseph Chandler and his team have been chosen. Advertisements

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Whitechapel Series 4 — coming soon!

ITV has released the trailer for the new series of Whitechapel, returning to our tellies very soon on September 4, 9pm. I cannot begin to express my excitement for this! Advertisements

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