Official poster for the Christmas Special 2013

“I will always remember when the Doctor was me.” — Doctor Who review: The Time of the Doctor.

Previously on Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor.

Raggedy man… good night.

And ‘good night’ we say — to the Eleventh Doctor, to the raggedy man, the madman with a box, to fish fingers with custard. But even as we say good night, we say hello — to the Doctor. The same man, who will never forget who he used to be. Still is. Always will be. Just with new kidneys. Continue reading →

Confirmed: Doctor Who Christmas special 2013 to be titled ‘The Time of the Doctor’

Last night, when only fearless nightbloggers and Australians were awake, the BBC One Twitter handle confirmed the title and a teeny tiny synopsis for this year’s Christmas Special, and Matt Smith’s last adventure as the Eleventh Doctor.